How to set up a diaper change area

If at all possible, set up a change area in your bathroom, instead of the baby’s bedroom.  If there is no room for a change table, put a portable change pad on the counter by the sink.  Warm water will be at your fingertips to make changing dirty diapers quick and easy.  Water is healthier for baby’s bottom than the commercial diaper wipes. which may contain alcohol and perfumes, and chemicals which can sting a baby’s delicate bottom.  The wipes are also cold!  Water is much cheaper than baby wipes!
Remember, never turn your baby on baby, even for a minute when he/she is on a high change area.  A wriggling baby can fall, even before he learns to roll over!  Some sad accidents have occurred because someone turned aside for a few seconds.  Gather your diapers and supplies before you lay baby on the change area to avoid having to reach away for something.  After baby begins to roll or sit, it’s much safer to lay a change cushion (or change pad with a thick towel underneath) on the floor.  Kneeling might be a little hard on the mother’s back, but it’s much safer!