babyduck.jpg*Change the baby as soon as he wets!  This applies whether or not you are using cloth or disposables.  Sometimes mothers who have switched from disposables to cloth, say “It’s been only 2 hours, and already my baby’s soaked!”  These comments caused us to realize that with the new extra-absorbent disposable diapers, people are leaving their babies in the diaper for long periods of time.  Remember—if the diaper (cloth or disposable) is not changed soon after EACH TIME the baby wets, the rash-causing bacteria have perfect conditions to multiply (warmth, darkness, and moisture).  One of the advantages of cloth diapers is that you can quickly feel if the baby is wet, and change him immediately.  Checking the diaper gets to be a habit each time you pick up baby.  Cloth diapers are not meant to hold urine from several wettings, and it is not healthy for your baby to be expected to wear a wet diaper for several hours.  You may need to change a newborn several times in an hour.

*Wash baby’s bottom carefully after each bowel movement.

*Expose baby’s bottom to air as much as possible.  Cloth diapers and breathable fabric covers are ideal!

*Rinse cloth diapers carefully to rid them of irritating detergents.  Do NOT use fabric softener; the chemicals and scents can cause rash.

*If diaper rash persists, see your doctor.  Sometimes medication, formula, or food sensitivities can cause a persistent rash.